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Fluid Powered Chemical Dispensing Systems


    The Hydroblend Proportioner is ideal for:
  • PCB Cleaning
  • Aqueous Based Cleaning
  • Solvent Based Cleaning


  • Reduces chemical waste
  • Improves proportioning accuracy
  • Superior chemical compatibility
  • Hot water capable
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable operation
  • Non electrical
  • Adjustable



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Electronics — PCB Cleaning

Hydroblend International offers a broad line of industry specific chemical dispensing systems for the Electronics and Aerospace industries.

The Hydroblend Proportioner is a simple to use, extremely accurate, water-driven chemical metering pump that is commonly used with the various inline and batch defluxing systems. The combination of the precision water upper valve block and the patented positive seating chemical check balls result in a unit that is the industry standard of accuracy.

Requiring no electricity or compressed air, the Hydroblend Proportioner is ideal for the cleaning/removal of various types of fluxes, solder pastes and SMT adhesives from PCB assemblies and power electronics.

In cleaning PCB assemblies, it is vitally important to remove contaminants resulting from fluxes and improper handling. Ensuring accurate and consistent chemical dilution is essential to ensure flux residues are fully removed from the assemblies. Failure to properly clean a PCB can cause assembly failures and ultimately lead to in-field breakdowns.

Our industry specific proportioners are built to exacting specifications, making it the most accurate, reliable and long lasting proportioner anywhere in the world. All of the components are designed for long life and trouble free operation. Quality and reliability are never compromised.

Although many of today's cleaning agents produce superb results, their very makeup can be quite aggressive and common materials of construction and elastomers will have a very short life. Hydroblend's patented design permits us to customize a pump for this industry. We will work with each of our customers to ensure you are using a unit best suited for your chemical dilution requirements.

With dilution capabilities richer than 50%, and hot water models available, there is a Hydroblend that is right for your application.

For more information on any of our products please call our Customer Service department at (208) 375-5000.

Recommended Hydroblend Pumps / Systems:

Standard Models
Model #6120-HDPE-TTE (Max Dilution: 8%)
Model #6200-HDPE-TTE (Max Dilution: 13%)
Model #6320-HDPE-TTE (Max Dilution: 20%)
Model #6470-HDPE-TTE (Max Dilution: 26%)
Model #6850-HDPE-TTE (Max Dilution: 35%)

Hot Water Specific Models (Rated up to 160F)
Model #6120-HDPE-TTE,DMAC (Max Dilution: 8%)
Model #6200-HDPE-TTE,DMAC (Max Dilution: 13%)
Model #6320-HDPE-TTE,DMAC (Max Dilution: 20%)
Model #6470-HDPE-TTE,DMAC (Max Dilution: 26%)
Model #6850-HDPE-TTE,DMAC (Max Dilution: 35%)

* Other units available upon request, and based on your proportioning needs.