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Hydroblend International Corporation manufactures a broad range of water-powered chemical proportioning and mixing pumps. Heavy duty components and the ability to customize according to customer requirements assure a long and trouble-free pump life.

Benefits of the HYDROBLEND® Proportioner

  • Reduces chemical waste – The chemical concentrate is diluted as required for optimum performance.

  • Improves proportioning accuracy – Our exclusive metering principle assures consistent proportioning irrespective of fluctuations in water flow. In most applications, the deviation is less than 1%.

  • Repeatable formulations – An adjustable, graduated scale indicates the proportional settings in linear form. Once set, the process can be easily duplicated in future operations.

  • Easy Installation – The proportioner is water powered and can therefore be located near an isolated water source without electrical connections. (Read installation instructions carefully.)

  • Reliable Operation – The HYDROBLEND proportioner is a precision-metering instrument manufactured to exacting specifications.

  • Controlled Chemical Usage – Proportioners can be ordered in a lockable cabinet to prevent uncontrolled access to mixture controls.