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Fluid Powered Chemical Dispensing Systems


    The Hydroblend Proportioner is ideal for:
  • Two Step Fountain Solution
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Vehicle Care


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Dual/Triple Injection Proportioner

In addition to our standard "Single Injection" proportioners, we also offer versatile "Dual" and "Triple" independently adjustable models for a variety of applications. Manufactured to our same exacting specifications, these units provide multiple unit capability in a single unit. This simplifies installation and is a very cost effective way to introduce multiple chemical injections.

Please call our office to receive more information, and learn of ways one of these unique proportioners can assist in your chemical dispensing processes.

Recommended Hydroblend Pumps / Systems:

Two Step Fountain Solution—Printing Applications
Model #6040-DI,FS (Max 4oz/gallon per side)
Model #6080-DI,FS (Max 8oz/gallon per side)

Chlorine Dioxide—Dairy Cow Treatments
Model #091-AIRFP100-DI-PVC-V (Dual Injection 1:1)
Model #092-AIRFP100-DI-PVC-V (Dual Injection 1:1)
Model #093-AIRFP100-DI-PVC-V (Dual Injection 1:1)
Model #061-F6061-8917-DI-A-V (Dual Injection 6.1oz/gallon)