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Fluid Powered Chemical Dispensing Systems

1. Water motor will not run

Water turned off to unit.Turn water on to unit.
Water filter clogged.Remove and replace filter element.
Discharge lines shut off or clogged.Check to be sure lines are clear and all system valves are open.
Proportioner stalled. Proportioner operates intermittently, and then stalls. Water inlet pressure has dropped. Relieve downstream back pressure. If unit restarts, there is no problem. If unit does not restart, the valve block may need to be rebuilt.
Weak or broken toggle lever spring.Replace toggle lever spring.
Actuating Arm out of adjustment.Relocate actuating arm to .400" from back of chrome shaft.

2. Will not draw chemical

Water motor not working.Check motor per item 1 above.
Proportioner concentrate adjustment set on minimum.Re-adjust. Set on 10 to prime.
Pump head seals dry.Remove top valve screw, flood cavity with water. Replace spring and valve screw carefully. Start unit.
Upper or lower valve screws sucking air. Tighten fittings - hand tight only.
Foreign material on ball seat. Concentrate has caused balls to stick. Remove valve balls carefully and clean. Flush and clean ball o'rings stick. Replace balls, springs and upper and lower valve screws carefully.
Excessive discharge backpressure.Relieve downstream back pressure until unit is primed.