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Your products' benefit will go largely unrealized if the concentrates are mixed improperly or if the metering equipment is a source of aggravation. We believe the Hydroblend will ensure that you realize the full benefits and potential of your products.

Why Hydroblend?

Reduces Chemical Waste: The chemical concentrate is diluted as required for optimum performance.

Unequalled Accuracy: Our exclusive metering principle assures consistent proportioning irrespective of fluctuations in water flow. In most applications, the deviation is less than 1%.

Repeatable Formulations: An adjustable, graduated scale indicates the proportional settings in linear form. Once set, the process can be easily duplicated in future operations. Our patented water diversion valve block and chemical pump head ensure consistent dilutions even at the lowest water flows.

Easy Installation: The proportioner is water powered and can therefore be located near an isolated water source without electrical connections.

Reliable Operation: The Hydroblend proportioner is a precision-metering instrument manufactured to exacting specifications. The Hydroblend has been recognized for decades as the quality and reliability leader in its field. The reason is that our units are application specific. It has been frequently said of the Hydroblend, "it just runs and runs and runs."

Heavy Duty Construction: All Hydroblend units are configured with a Stainless Steel Valve Block, Water Motor, Outlet Fitting and Chemical Cylinder. Due to the fact that all Hydroblend units are application specific, they are all built to order which will ensure a long and trouble free pump life.

Patented Uncomplicated Design: The Hydroblend has few moving parts and its operating principle is straightforward. Should any service or maintenance be required it can be accomplished easily by in plant personnel with a minimum amount of down time.

Controlled Chemical Usage: All Hydroblend units can be ordered in a lockable cabinet to prevent uncontrolled access to mixture controls.

Lowest Life Cycle Cost: Accuracy + Durability = Outstanding Value