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Fluid Powered Chemical Dispensing Systems


    The Hydroblend Proportioner is ideal for:
  • Soluble Oils
  • Forging, Stamping and Drawing Compounds
  • Die Casting and Metal Stamping


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Viscous Chemicals — Forging, Stamping and Drawing Compounds

Hydroblend International Corporation offers a comprehensive line of proportioners to accurately dilute the numerous metal forming and stamping compounds. Low dilution, high viscosity products present a unique challenge. The proportioner must be designed to accurately deliver a high volume of chemical concentrate and minimize the potential effect of the concentrate friction loss.

We offer a variety of configurations and can achieve a dilution as rich as 1:1. The proportioners are available as a single unit or incorporated with the additional components pictured below.

Because of the viscosity and flow characteristics of the numerous concentrates, a chemical test of any product we have not previously evaluated is required. However, we have successfully tested multiple concentrates from all the leading manufactures and most probably a product evaluation will be unnecessary.

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Recommended Models:

Model #086-6850-A-V,VM (Dilution Range: 1:1.5-1:15)

Model #087-6470-A-V,VM (Dilution Range: 1:3-1:30)

Model #057-FL6850/6850-A-V,VM (Dilution Range 1:1-1:15)